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Alderbury on Tour
January 2024

What goes on Tour,
stays on Tour!

Fourteen members, June, Mike, Alison, Mick, Beth, John, Jan, Mike, Sally, Roy, Jenny, David and our Tour organisers Ali and Deborah, made the the long trip to the Potters Resort, Hopton-on-Sea.

'. . . great company, the venue and amenities were 1st class. The staff and service were very pleasant and helpful. Plenty of food and drink choices of good quality . . .'

If you look at the drinks menu, we nearly ticked off every drink - maybe next time!!

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Dates for your Diary


27th Tues Skittles @ 6.00pm

29th Thurs Coffee Morning @ 10.30pm


8th Friday Coaching session - Rules, Etiquette, Measuring etc

@ 7.00pm. 

12th Tues Skittles @ 6.00pm

15th Friday Bingo @ 7.00pm

26th Tues Skittles @ 6.00pm

28th Thurs Coffee Morning @ 10.30pm


8th Monday Spring General Meeting @ 7.00pm

15th Monday GREEN OPENS! (weather permitting)

25th Thurs Coffee Morning @ 10.30pm

28th Sunday Captain v President match - time TBA all players are invited to play


25th Saturday OPEN DAY as part of the national Big Bowls Weekend (all day)

30th Thurs Coffee Morning @ 10.30pm


18th Sunday Mixed Triple League GALA DAY - more details to follow (all day)

Ladies Christmas Lunch at Hamptworth Golf Club 2023


Our December Coffee Morning 2023